6 Movies To Watch With your Child During This Lockdown

While the whole world is facing some challenging times due to the pandemic, the lockdown is proving to be a boon in disguise for all those people who were missing out on some quality time with their family. It is a time for bonding, an opportunity for your child to be more productive and learn new things while having a good time. Our lives may have come to a standstill but it is important that we find ways to stay active and entertained. Children are usually love outdoor activities but now they are cooped up inside the home. So what can they do if they are not allowed to step out? Have fun indoors! Help them explore the world of cinema. Get comfortable, grab some snacks and choose a great movie from several exciting content streaming online. Movies with a moral can impact your child and teach him/her so much about life. We have shortlisted 10 amazing movies that you can watch with your child during this lockdown. Are you ready for a movie marathon with your kids?

1.     The Lion King


This 1994 American animated musical film is probably your childhood favourite. It received worldwide fame and appreciation for its incredible music, engaging storyline, extraordinary theme and animation. You as a parent will relive the excitement while you watch how Simba grew up in a jungle with his two new friends. Your kid will definitely be in awe and learn that the motto of life is “hakuna matata”, which means “no worries”, a very important message during these times. This movie is sure to lighten the tension around. The lively kingdom of lions in Africa will definitely cheer up your little one on gloomy days like these.


2.     Stuart Little


Have unlimited fun with the Little family as they adopt a new member, an adorable mouse named Stuart, who can talk like humans. George and Stuart become friends and will take you on an adventure like never before. The naughty acts of Snowbell will make you laugh to your heart’s content. This is a movie your child will enjoy to the fullest. It is based on the novel by E. B White, which your child may be interested in reading after watching the movie. With stunning visual effects, animation and brilliant comedy you too will be hooked to the screen.

3.     Jurassic Park


This classic American science fiction adventure film of 1993, directed by Stephen Spielberg is etched in our hearts forever. The island of Isla Nublar, a wildlife-park of dinosaurs and the struggle to escape the perilous island will take you back in time and create an epic memory for your child. This movie has the best of animation, visual effects, and 3D artwork of those times. You cannot miss this one!

4.     Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


It is always a good idea to make a fun escape from the realities outside your home. Directed by Tim Burton, this wonderful fantasy film is a masterpiece. This movie is a visual treat for the kids and a refreshing entertainment for the parents. The crazy chocolate factory will make your kid wish to be a part of it. You certainly know what your child’s going to dream about. The story is a reminder about the importance of family and just having each other.

5.     Brave


The perfect mother-daughter bonding movie of all times is Brave. Now is your chance to connect with your little one. The movie features a beautiful girl with big curly red hair called Merida, she is not a regular princess, but a brave girl who spends the day playing in the forest, rides a horse wearing a dress and carries a bow and arrow. This movie can shape the character of your child. It is a bold story with attractive animations that will leave a mark.

6.     Coco

Awarded as the best-animated feature film in the 2018 Academy Awards, Coco is a vibrant fantasy film you can watch with your kids. The story revolves around a 12-year-old boy Miguel who wants to sing even though his family hates music. It is a heartwarming movie full of mystery and adventure that shall teach your kid about family values and encourage them to dream big.

So binge-watch some amazing movies with your kids and make the most of this lockdown!