6 virtual trips your kids can take from the living room

You are probably stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic with your kids and other family members. All your year’s trips and vacation plans have been cancelled. Your kids might be getting restless, and handling them is getting tricky. You cannot just tell them to go play outside, so you keep them busy with toys and gadgets.  

But with all this free time on your hands, you along with your kiddo can go on interesting trips from the comfort of your sofa.

Seems interesting? Check out these virtual trips that you can take right from your living room –

Virtual Museum tours

As most of the museums around the world have been closed for public viewing due to the pandemic, many of them are offering virtual trips online. So, your kids can now learn about art, science, history and other fun stuff from the world’s best museums right from your living room!

The famous Louvre Museum in Paris or the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum offers online virtual trips which will surely excite your kiddos. Check out their art exhibitions, galleries, art collections and so much more. Head over to the website of American Museum of Natural History in New York, to participate in their online guided tours. Show your kids the amazing dinosaur fossils, meteors and other interesting archaeological artefacts. Do not forget to check out their online education resources for kids.

Virtual space tours

Want to take a trip to outer space with your kiddo? Yes, it is absolutely possible. NASA is offering a plethora of breathtaking space adventures for all you, completely online. Visit their official website to join a guided tour of their International Space Station - consisting of the observation deck, astronauts sleeping quarters, hygiene station, the Columbus laboratory modules and so much more.

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is also offering virtual space trips to know more about the Apollo Moon Landing, Hubble Space Telescope, Curiosity Rover and plenty more!

So, get your kids together to visit these space stations, if you cannot take this planet anymore!

Virtual nature trips

Who knew that you can visit natural parks and volcanoes from your couch? Well, it is true, and your kids are going to be excited about it! Head over to the website of the U.S. Geological Survey, which oversees all the volcanoes of the USA. They offer an interactive map where your kiddos can click and view any volcano in the country. Amazing isn’t it?

The famous Yellowstone National Park is also offering interactive virtual maps. You can click on the outstanding natural destinations and visit places such as the Mud Volcano and Mammoth Hot Springs. But the highlight of the website is the live streaming of the Old Faithful Geyser, a famous natural wonder. Kids will get an opportunity to predict the next eruption of the geyser.

If you still haven’t had enough, you can log on to the official website of the Georgia Aquarium to check out underwater animals using the Georgia Aquarium’s Ocean Voyager webcam.

Visiting historical landmarks

Now is perhaps the best time to get your kids interested in history using fun-filled interactive ways. You can start with the White House, where former American President Barrack Obama narrates the entire tour of the building. Isn’t that cool?

If you have a Virtual Reality headset and gear, head over to the Google Arts and Culture to participate in various interesting history trips. These include a Walking tour of the Blue House in Hong Kong, ancient temples such as the Temple of Juno, Temple of Zeus and the Valley of Temples in Sicily.

The virtual tour offered by the Mount Rushmore National Memorial on their website is also pretty cool for your kids to learn more about this famous landmark.

Absorb some good music

Even if your kiddos are very young to appreciate good music, it is a great step to expose them to good music at a tender age. This will help them appreciate art, which in turn will spark creativity in them. You can visit the websites of the London Symphony Orchestra and Berlin Philharmonic‘s catalogue of various concerts. The Metropolitan Opera and London Symphony Orchestra are also offering outstanding shows which you watch via live stream.

You can also visit YouTube channels that teach basic singing and dancing lessons for kids. This is a great platform where you can easily teach your kids the basics of music and have little fun dance as well!

Food travelling

When you are travelling with your family and kids, you make amazing memories while tasting the cuisine of the destination. But what to do now? You can take cooking lessons online from YouTube and surprise your kids with delicious dishes from around the world! And while doing so, tell them about the food, its country of origin and the people there.

You can prepare a dish from a new country every day, and take your kids and family members on an international food trip!


The virtual trips mentioned above are sure to keep your kids busy and intrigued. Make sure you have a good internet connection for going on your online adventures.