7 Indoor Games You And Your Kids Can Bond Over During The Lockdown

Playing games is one of the best recreational activities for children. Not only does it invoke a sense of happiness but also acts as a stress-buster and keeps the child physically and mentally fit without having them realize its value. However, amid the nationwide lockdown, it’s not possible for kids to go out and play. So what can you do to keep them safe and ensure at the same time that they don’t miss out on their daily dose of fun? Well, it’s really simple. Get them hooked to indoor games.

There’s nothing better than a good game to bond over with your loved ones. You must have grown up playing some of these with your parents and siblings, and now you can relive those memories with your kid. So here are 7 incredibly fun and engaging indoor games that you can play with your kids during the lockdown –

1.     ‘I spy’

This is a guessing game, where one player chooses an object in sight and announces to the other players that ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…’ naming the first letter or the colour of the object. The other players have to guess the object. For example – If you say ‘I spy with my little eye, something which is red in colour’, your kid will have to look around and guess for objects that are of the same colour.

The game helps to develop the child’s interpersonal and cognitive skills. It improves their observational power and teaches them about various colours, letters, and shapes in a playful manner.

2.     Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great alternative to video games and hours of television. They come in all sizes and shapes, from 500 pieces to 3000 pieces. What you need to do is analyze the empty spaces and visualize which piece fits where, and then create a picture out of the broken pieces. Such puzzles help build your child’s analytical skills – they learn to be more attentive and decisive in what they do while solving the puzzle. Your child could play all by himself/herself, as you get busy with your household chores, or you could help him/her collect the pieces and end p spending some quality time together.

To make it a bit more interesting, you and your little one can make your own jigsaw puzzle. Simply have them draw a picture on a cardboard and then have it cut into multiple pieces. This way, you can create and solve a new puzzle every day.

3.     Treasure hunt

If your child likes to move around rather than play board games, you could turn your home into a wilderness with hidden treasure and have them hunt it down. This will give them a sense of adventure and keep their minds racing. The rules are simple – You hide the treasure anywhere indoor and give out clues to solve and make it to the treasure chest. The treasure could be anything, from a box of chocolates or crayons to colouring books. This game is an excellent way to nurture problem-solving skills in your child. Moreover, the sheer joy of discovering the treasure will give them a sense of accomplishment.

4.     Pictionary

This one is a fun drawing game for all ages. It requires one player to draw an image indicating a word and others trying to guess it. All you need is a board/paper and a pencil/chalk/marker. Start with writing down different words on a piece of paper and drop them in a jar or bowl. Ask your little one to pick a paper and draw the object written on it without saying aloud. You can then take the turn to draw and have him/her guess the word by looking at the image.

To make it more interesting and fun, play in groups and compete against each other. For instance, you and son could be a team while your spouse and your daughter team up to compete against you, and all four of you can end up having a great time!

5.     Scrabble

A fun word game, scrabble is for everyone! 2-4 players can play this game at once. So, whether it’s just you and your kid, or the family, scrabble will keep you engaged for quite some time. Players earn points by forming meaningful words placing letter tiles on a grid. There are as many as a hundred tiles and each letter has a distinct point value. Only one letter tile can fit in the grid. The objective of the game is to form as many words as possible and be the highest point winner at the end.

Scrabble is an excellent way to teach your kids new words and spellings every day, and enhance their vocabulary.

6.     In and out hangman

This will keep your child engaged and may even be a fun way of learning. All you need is a board, chalk/marker, and a set of hints and words, or questions and answers. Here is how the game is played – Ask your kid a question and draw small blanks on the board correlating to the number of letters in the answer. To make it easier for kids, allow enough space between the letters. Have them guess a letter that is present in the answer and a letter that isn’t. Your child will have seven wrong guesses – the number of steps it takes to complete a hangman figure. You can make the game more exciting and a bit easier for them by asking them about their favourite books, superheroes and cartoons.

7.     Card games

Simple card games, such as Spoons, Go fish, UNO, and Memory card, are great for kids – these help them identify numbers and colours, and test their logical reasoning abilities. For instance – a child playing UNO will learn to be alert and know when to match the number or colour with the previous card. You can play this game in a group of four or more.

Alternately, the Memory card game can help boost your kid’s memory, as he/she tries to match all the pairs correctly. Here are the rules of the game – Mix up the cards and lay them in rows, face down. Pick any two cards. If they match, keep them aside. If they don’t, keep them back but remember where you place it and what was on each card. Watch and memorize as you wait for your turn. The objective of the game is to match as many cards as you can.

Being stuck at home does not necessarily have to leave your child inactive, sad, and gloomy. Now that you are well-stocked with such wonderful indoor games ideas, be sure to keep yourself and your little one entertained amid the lockdown. This could be a great opportunity for you two to bond and make memories.