7 Ways To Make Mother’s Day More Special During The Lockdown

This year is a little different for the entire world, what with the pandemic and a long lockdown. Physical distancing is the need of the hour, we are all indoors and this is allowing us plenty of time for some family bonding. Mother's Day is just around the corner and it is a great opportunity to get creative and celebrate your special relationship with your child. You may not be able to step out, go on day trips and have brunch at a restaurant, but that doesn't mean that having fun at home is cancelled.  Here are some exciting things you and your child can do to make this Mother’s Day the most special ever-

1. Help your child make a card or a handwritten note for you


Nothing in this world can replace the magic of handmade cards and handwritten notes. In the era of digital media taking over, a handwritten note has its own charm. You can help your little one write something for you, take their handprints on a card and make them draw something for you. These are small gestures to thank you for your selfless love and will make both you and your kid happy. You can also create a keepsake craft together. This is a good idea to let your kid get creative and busy.

2. Plan a cooking date with your kid


While most of the local restaurants are shut and you are not supposed to step out, this Mother’s day team up with your child and cook something special together. In this time of lockdown, getting a cake delivered for mother's day would be a little difficult, so why not bake a cake at home? There's nothing more satisfying than cooking/baking for the people you love. By making your kid help you in the kitchen, you can actually make him/her happy for doing something for you. You can make breakfast or dinner with your kid, his/ her favourite pizza or pasta and enjoy it together.


3. Do some gardening and enjoy nature together


If you love gardening, let your child join hands with you to pamper the plants in your balcony or garden. You’ll be surprised to see how your child takes an interest in helping you water the new plants and be excited to see them grow. This is a simple activity that can bring happiness to both of you. Your child will also learn about the plants in this process. If you have an organic vegetable garden, you can also use the homegrown veggies for cooking. This way your child will learn healthy eating and you will both share a common interest.

4. Take a trip down memory lane


While the lockdown leaves you with no option to go out, you will have to find activities that you can do at home. Spending time with your family helps you realise that you have been missing out on so much while you were focusing all your time at work and being stressed after work. Take out old family albums and go through the photos with your child. Tell her stories behind each picture, ask her to recognise family members and make Mother’s day all about bonding and celebrating lovely moments with your child.

5. Gather your family online and have a virtual celebration.


We understand that due to the lockdown you are not with your mother and the only way to connect is digital. Gather your family on any digital platform you are comfortable with, video call your mother and wish her on Mother’s Day. Your child will also understand the importance of family and this is a great way to spend time together creating a special bond.

6. Cleaning the house together


Yes, that’s right! We are all stuck in a really tough situation and cleanliness is a priority. Cleaning does not necessarily have to be boring. This Mother’s Day, you can make it fun by asking your child to help.  You can pick your kid’s room to clean, wash his/ her toys and bedding, ask him/her to place the toys in place, decorate the room as he/she wants. This will help your child understand what mothers do and create a special affection towards you. You can ask your child to help sanitise the home, help with household work and give you a little break from all the chores, which is the best Mother's day gift your child can give you.

7. Movie night together


Staying indoors is just another excuse to binge-watch and have some delicious snacks. This is one activity both you and your kid will love. While the lockdown is giving you ample time to relax, you might as well watch a movie with your kid to make Mother’s Day really special. You and your child can pick a movie from lots of content streaming online. Movies like The Lion King, Jurassic Park, Charlie and the Chocolate factory must be your childhood favourites and the best part is reliving your childhood with your kid.

Read a book together, dance to your favourite music, play some indoor games and most importantly, have fun. Mother’s Day is truly special when you get to spend it with your child. Stay at home and stay safe.