7 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Child And Create A Strong Bond

Moms and kids share a special bond. And do you know what strengthens the bond even more? Spending quality time with the little ones. Children pine for their mother’s attention and the more time you spend with them, the more wholesome their emotional growth will be. Every time they hear “Not now, I really am busy” they feel dejected and in the long term this could affect their psychological health. But we know mothers have busy schedules and they too need their me-time. So what should you do that can be fun and relaxing for both of you and won’t eat into your schedule? Read on to know more about easy ways to spend more time with your kiddo.

1. Play a sport with your child
With obesity rates on the rise among children, it is vital that you keep your child’s weight in check to prevent diabetes or future heart disorders. And the best way to do that is by keeping them physically active. play a sport with them. It can be badminton, tennis, Frisbees. And if your child is really young, the two of you can go to a park and simply play chase. Not only will these activities bring you closer to your child, but they will also keep you guys healthy.

2. Do household chores together
Enlist the help of your little one and get some chores done. Play some happy music as you and your child go about your task. You can even make this into a competition like who can do a chore faster. A shared activity will naturally cement the bond between you. It will also inculcate a sense of responsibility.

3. Dabble in cooking
It is important to teach a child some vital survival techniques, and cooking is one of them. It also happens to be a great opportunity to bond. Just play with ingredients and try and rustle up something. Even if it is a disaster, both you and your child will enjoy yourselves and you will come out of the kitchen with smiles lighting up both your faces.

4. Read to your child
Reading to a child helps broaden their imagination and can boost their brain development. It will also help them acquire a taste for reading which will help them in later lives by increasing their attention span and helping them relax.
You can read your child a story or two during bed-time, or once they have completed their homework. Settle down in a couch or a bed and spend a blissful hour lost in the world of fiction.

5. Dates with your child
Undivided attention is something your child loves. And what better way to do that than take your child out to a child-friendly restaurant or an ice-cream parlour? You and your child could indulge in your favourite foods and spend some undisturbed time with just each other. This way you can also get to understand your child better and your child too will begin to open up to you.

6. Day trips
If the weather is pleasant and if it’s a holiday why not go for a day trip? It could be a picnic. Or it could be a visit to a children’s museum where your child can learn a lot. Again, make sure its just the two of you. Dad and other loved ones must not butt in this special mother-child time. you could also take your child to a children’s theatre or to watch a children’s movie.

7. Make-believe world
If your child is very young, then you can engage him/her in make-believe worlds. You can both pretend to make rockets together with cardboard, go to outer space, build a castle with pillows and cushion, defend your kingdom from attackers (you can make the dad pretend to be the enemy). Or you can pitch a tent in your living room with a bedsheet and pretend to be explorers. These activities will fire up your child’s imagination, make him/her curious about the world and forge a strong bond between you and your child.

Your little one’s childhood is a special phase, it is the best time to create a strong bond and create memories that will last a lifetime.