7 ways your toddler can participate and help you with the kitchen activities

Kitchen activities can seem mundane sometimes, for a parent who already has so much to handle. And if you have a little kid playing around the house, it can be a bit difficult to handle them while you are cooking. But what if you involved them in kitchen activities? Seems a bit daunting, isn’t it? Yes, we know you are scared that your kitchen may become a complete mess if your toddler is around.

But participating in kitchen activities will stimulate all the senses of your child - as he or she will work their brain by touching, smelling, tasting, seeing and feeling. So, here are some fun ways by which you can involve your little one in kitchen activities –

Washing vegetables and fruits

You can start by letting your kid wash some fruits and vegetables. This is a fun activity where you can keep your kids busy and teach them about fruits and veggies. Teach them the names, colours and the benefits of eating these foods. For a toddler, you can simply say that these veggies and fruits will make them strong like a superhero, such as Superman.

Tell them to wash their tiny hands properly before handling all those veggies!


This is the first step while cooking a meal, where your kids can help you too. Engage them in simple tasks such as tearing up the lettuce or spinach, taking out some vegetables from the refrigerator, filling up a cup with flour or just taking out the peas from a pod.

This can get a little messy, so be prepared for a lot of cleaning after your cooking adventure is over!

Pouring liquids

Pouring liquids is an activity that every kid will love. And it’s good for their motor skills too! So, the next time you to need some water in your cake mix or for washing vegetables, ask your toddler to do it. Assist them at first to pour liquids in stews, salads and cake mixes. But then, let them do it on their own once they have gained confidence.

As they try to pour the liquid carefully without spilling, see their cute little eyes spark up in joy after they complete the endeavour! This is a great activity to keep them engaged and make beautiful memories in the process.


Kids love mashing food items if you let them do it with their bare hands! Let them mash soft food items such as potatoes, avocados or any other boiled veggies. Give them a plastic bowl, a plate and a kiddie fork to do the mashing.

Make sure they are seated on the ground while mashing stuff so that the bowl and plates do not fall off due to their rigorous efforts!


Stirring is a fun activity for kids of all ages. So, when you have some batter that needs to be stirred, give the responsibility to your child. Hand them a wooden spoon and a large bowl to mix the ingredients properly. Teach them how to stir, fold and whisk the ingredients together. In no time, you might see your little kiddo becoming an expert at it!

You might be surprised to find that they have inborn talent at stirring and whisking! Make sure to keep a towel or a cloth below the mixing bowl to reduce the mess.

Cleaning the kitchen

With all this action going on in the kitchen, it is bound to get cluttered. To get things back in order and to clean up the mess, ask your kids to get on board! Give them a piece of cloth to clean the countertops and chairs. You can also hand them a baby broom to clean a part of the floor, and wipe out rest by yourself.

Doing this will also help inculcate a habit of cleanliness and the fact that they must always clean up their mess!

Doing the dishes

After the meal, ask your kids to help you with cleaning the dishes and plates. This might seem like a rather uninteresting task for your kid at first. But when you fill-up the sink with soapy water and hand them a sponge, watch their eyes light up! Suddenly your kiddo will be very enthusiastic about cleaning the dishes, as he or she will get a golden opportunity to play with water!


It is always easy to keep your little ones busy with a smartphone or a TV show when you are in the kitchen. But instead, you can look for ways to involve your kid in various kitchen tasks. It will be helpful in the long run to develop their passion for cooking and mastering the skill.