8 Good Habits You Can Inculcate In Your Child During This Lockdown

During a vacation or an extended holiday, we usually encourage children to indulge in more and more outdoor activities. What do you do in case of a lockdown when stepping out means danger for your kids? This is a good time to inculcate some good habits in your child. Your hectic work schedule, busy weekends usually do not allow you to spend enough time with your kids. So help them grow and learn good habits during this lockdown.

1.       Eating Healthy

All kids are mostly inclined towards fast food like chips, sweets, cookies and chocolates. You need to teach them that these foods are unhealthy and make them believe that healthy homemade food can taste equally good. Try to make noodles, pasta, cakes and pizza at home. You can make homemade food fun and exciting by adding colours in a meal. Parents should set a healthy example by eating regular, nutritious, and well-balanced food.

2.       Physical Activity

The lockdown can make you and your kids lazy. Don’t allow your children to sit and get comfortable on the sofa and watching television all day. Encourage them to be active. Plan a family activity, make it something fun and ask for their help in household work. No physical activity poses a threat to your child’s health such as:

  • Obesity
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Attention disorders
  • Emotional and social problems

Encourage them to work out at least 5 times every week. Jumping rope, burpees, lunges, spot jogging can keep their body and mind healthy.

3.       Be Responsible

Start by teaching your kids to organise things properly. You should teach them to clean their own rooms, place the toys in place after playing or arrange books on the desk or shelf. By doing these regularly, they will soon learn and make an effort to organise their things themselves and become more responsible. Make them help you with household chores. Every child must learn that housework is not something to be undermined.

4.       Sharing is Caring

Children should know the value of sharing, learn to be grateful, and kind. Explain to them the importance of emotions and feelings by telling stories. Children will learn to share when they see their family, like parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins, sharing and caring for other people. This attitude of sharing will make him or her a better person.

5.       Cleanliness and Hygenic

During the current situation, we all learned the necessity of washing hands regularly, before and after meals, washing our feet when we come from outside and other hygienic habits. Let them know that following these habits always can prevent common diseases such as flu, cold, and other infections. One should use clean dry towels, or maybe tissues, to dry hands and even use antibacterial hand wash. Having a sanitizer is essential when you are outdoors.

6.       Table Manners

This lockdown is a great opportunity for family bonding and having meals together. If you are a parent, you might want to teach your child some basic table manners. Help them practice how to hold spoons and forks, train them to eat on their own in the right manner and show them proper etiquette of having meals.

7.       Reading

Making reading a part of your child’s routine. Be it during their playtime or before they go to bed, reading is a very good habit to inculcate in your child at an early age. Choose books which would make reading a treat for your children and stories with morals. Make it a daily habit and maintain it. This will enhance their reading skills, develop their imagination and creativity. It also proves beneficial in improving relationship and communication with parents. If your child is very young to read, you can read stories to him or her.

8.       Having a Healthy and Positive Mind-Set

Kids are very sensitive and get discouraged easily. It is very important that you teach them to be optimistic. During a pandemic when life can get topsy-turvy, you as s parent will have to be calm and talk to them so you are aware of what is going through their minds. You will have to assure them that the schools will soon reopen and they can meet their friends again. Acknowledgement of their achievements and efforts is a must. You should help kids develop self-esteem and recognise their talents. Indulge your kids in exercise and meditation which will enhance their focus and allow them to have a positive mindset and think accordingly when faced with challenging situations throughout their life.

Parents can also inculcate good habits like painting, gardening and other household chores in their children. This is a good time to help your kids become independent and self – reliant. During these testing times, keep your child away from all the negativity. Protecting a child’s mental health and keeping them occupied should be the top priority of all parents.