8 Ways To Maintain A Routine For Your Kids When Schools Are Shut Due To The Coronavirus Lockdown

With schools being shut due to the Coronavirus outbreak, children are stuck at home. Exams have been postponed even cancelled, new books haven’t been distributed yet and the situation is leaving everyone in a panic. Parents have no other option but to take the responsibility of homeschooling their children. It is important to keep the students busy and learning while providing them with mental support and stability. Shutting down schools should not stop the process of learning. Here are some tips that will help you follow a routine through these times and effectively home school your child:

1.     It is important to first chalk out a plan


School and home can never be the same. The environment is totally different and it may be difficult to let your kid adapt to it. Staying focused and having a plan is the first step to successful homeschooling. Your child had been following a fixed schedule in their school, there were playtime, lunch break and teachers cannot be replaced with parents. Give them enough time to adjust so that the transition is easier for them.

2.     Decide on a particular time for sleep and having meals


Firstly, make a time-table for your child. Make sure you stick it properly and abide by it. You can discuss with your child how he/she would like to go about it. Making them feel involved will help you in keeping them interested in the process. Incorporate some activities in between, such as playing, drawing or music to make learning fun.

3.     Set aside time to explore your kid’s creative side


Art and craft is an integral part of education, it is also given special attention in school. You cannot exclude it while homeschooling your child. There are many activities you can do together to keep your child engrossed and productive.

Follow some DIY activity videos online and do something new and interesting with your child. Let them be creative and come up with a beautiful scrapbook. If your child’s school has switched to digital learning, try and help your child in completing assignments, supervise them and ask them about the lessons taught.

4.     Don’t stop learning yourself


When you share your child’s curiosity, you will be able to teach them better. Remember that both of you are going through something new and it is a learning process for you and your child. Try to be more considerate and be a good listener. You should also make it a point to have a conversation with your child about the current situation and be open to answering questions. This will strengthen your bond with your child.

5.     Regular breaks and recess time


In school, your child is usually active during recess because he/ she can play with friends or indulge in a sport. The lockdown due to the coronavirus has restricted everybody’s physical activity and going out is not allowed. This leaves you with the only option of doing some exercises at home. This can be a part of your kid’s daily routine. This helps in staying positive and active.

6.     Cut down on screen time


For obvious reasons, during this lockdown, we are all a victim of increased screen time. Kids are watching videos on the phone all day or watching TV at odd hours. This can affect them hugely and have a negative impact on the child’s brain. Fix an hour in a day for watching TV and engage your kid in fun household activities for the rest of the time.

7.     Cultivate the habit of reading


After studies and activities, dedicate some time each day to sit with your child and read a story to them. This improves their comprehension skills and also helps to enhance their imagination. This is a good habit that will stay with them for a lifetime. You can play scrabble or puzzles with them while reading.

8.     Maintain a sleep schedule


Lack of activity, change in lifestyle and lethargy may actually mess up our sleep schedule during the lockdown. Look out for your child’s sleep schedule and try to maintain a regular sleep routine. Going to bed in time and waking up in time is essential.

In such trying times, it is most important to ensure your child’s health and wellness in this whole process of homeschooling. This situation is not going to last forever so what’s important is to be patient and use this time to bond with our kids and make memories with them.