Best gifts for babies

If you are going to visit a new mom and her little bundle of joy, you cannot just go empty-handed. You have to carry a gift to make them feel special and to celebrate the occasion. But finding the right gift for the baby might be a bit difficult. Apart from being special and worth remembering, the gift has to be useful in their daily lives.

So, if you are looking for some amazing gift options for a newborn baby, here are some ideas that you can check out –

A dress set

When buying gifts for a baby, the first that pops up in your mind is a set of cute baby clothes. Moreover, babies are messy and will need them a lot. So, visit a store or check online for some colourful clothes, depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. You can go for cartoon patterns or simple colours.

It is recommended that you go for soft cotton fabrics and ensure the clothes have fewer buttons. Buttons may be prickly, and it may irritate the baby’s skin. Also, stay away from clothes made of synthetic materials that may be harsh for the baby’s skin.

A pack of baby diapers

The next best gift after an adorable clothing set is a set of baby diapers. And if you are parent, you know how many diapers a baby needs per month. Most new parents have a tough time buying baby diapers, as it can get quite expensive. Thus, any parent will be overjoyed and appreciate if you pitch in.

To ensure you gift them the right baby diapers, ask the parents what kind of diapers they are using for their baby. You can look online for baby diaper sets for the best discounts.

Along with this, you can also present them with a pack of reusable cloth nappies. The parents will thank you as this will save them another trip to the supermarket!

Soft toys

Yes, we know you want to gift something that has some practical use. But, it’s baby after all! No baby gift list will be complete without an adorable soft toy. You can gift a cute soft toy animal such as a baby lion or a panda. Or a soft toy set will also be great. When the baby grows up, he or she will learn about these animals, their names, colours and other details, all thanks to your gift!

Baby carrier

Now this one’s a great gift. A baby carrier is used by parents to carry their little one when travelling or going out. This allows them to keep their baby close to them, while their hands are free to do other things when they are outside.

You can gift them a sling-style baby carrier or a wrap styled carrier. This is a fantastic gift that will make the new parents remember you for the rest of their lives!

Baby walker

This is another unique gift for new parents which is also very useful. A baby walker helps the child to move around when he or she has not yet learnt to walk. These devices are safe and have a cute seat for the toddler to sit. The wheels under the walker prevent the child from tripping over.

Many baby walkers also come with an adorable tabletop and a comfy seat, where your little kiddo can sit and eat or just play with something.

Baby blankets

Babies are extremely cute, but when they are out of their diapers, they soil the place where they are sleeping or sitting. This might not seem cute at all, as the parents have to clean up the mess, while the baby stays carefree! One could never run out of blankets when there is a baby in the house.

So, a beautiful blanket will be an amazing gift for a baby as well as the parents. Choose interesting and colourful prints, and always go for soft cotton fabric for the blanky!

This is an ideal gift for babies between 1 to 3 months of age.


Most people will think about a cloth set for the baby, but few will remember shoes. That is where you will stand apart! Yes, the little soul does need a flexible and comfortable pair of baby shoes along with their cute clothes. This will not only make them look stylish, but also offer maximum comfort and protection to their tiny feet.

After all, with so much attention and people swarming around, the baby has to look the part, right?

Feeding items

Babies are always hungry! The mothers are busy preparing their meals and feeding them while handling other activities. So, feeding essentials are in huge demand in a home where a hungry baby lives! A feeding kit is a very useful gift for the little one which must contain items such as feeding bottles, spoons, forks, plates, bowls and nipple caps coming in different sizes.

Gift card

If you are still confused about what to gift a baby, you can always play it safe and purchase a gift card. Giving a gift card is a better option than gifting something that’s of no use to the new parents. Thus, gift cards will let the parents buy whatever they want for their little angel.

You can give online gift cards. This will be great as the parents might not have time to go out and shop with a normal gift card. So, browse thoroughly online until you find the right one.


Handling a baby is a tough task, and it takes up most of a parent’s time during the day. Apart from gifting them any of the items mentioned above, help them out when you can. Helping a new parent while doing their household chores is a great gift in itself!