How to connect with your child despite a busy schedule?

You may be busy working day and night to make ends meet and provide the best facilities to your kids. But when you try to give them the best life, it might take a toll on your body and mind. So, after coming back from work, you just want to sleep. As a result, you might not have time to connect with your child.

So, if you fail to connect with your child daily, they will seek a connection elsewhere. This may be video games, social media or just being glued to their phones. This will ultimately have a negative impact on your child’s life and your relationship with them.

Even if you have a busy schedule, below are some great ways to spend quality time with your child –

Have a meal together

Having lunch or dinner together is a great time to get together with all family members, especially your kids. If you miss lunch or dinner with your child, make sure you have breakfast with them at least. This is a great time to bond with your kid and ask them what is going on in their life. Ask them about their school, about their friends, upcoming exams, projects and extracurricular activities.

Ask them if anything is bothering them which they would like to share. Enjoying a tasty meal can prove to be an ideal time to connect with your kid deeply. If you have time on weekends, try cooking something with your child and eat together. Cooking is a fantastic skill to teach and the activity can be a good time to know more about your kid.

Daily activities

As a parent, your main aim is to carve out as much time you can to spend with your kids. You can involve them in daily activities such as going to the grocery store together or letting them help you when you are fixing a bulb. Have a lot of old stuff in the storeroom? Get together with your kiddo and clean it out.

You can play their favourite sport with them on holidays. And doing all these activities, talk about how their days are going, their dreams and aspirations.


Another way to encourage bonding between you and your little one is by starting a hobby. You can do anything your child likes, such as playing a sport, painting, crafts or making a project. You can also take a class together like dancing or pottery. If you happen to know a musical instrument, go teach it to your child. This is a fun-filled activity where you will connect with your kid through art!

Set aside some every week to do these activities together.

Bond during bedtime

If you had a busy day, bedtime is a great opportunity to catch up with your child. You can ask what they did throughout the day if they have any plans for the weekend or need anything. Read them a nice bedtime story, which will spike their interest in books. You can also tell them interesting stories based on your life experiences and watch their little eyes sparkle in wonder!

Finish the story with a tight hug and a goodnight kiss!

Set weekly movie nights

Who doesn’t like watching amazing movies together? If you do not find time to go out to see a movie, set a day every week to watch something along with your kid. You can watch movies online, buy or rent it. So, grab some popcorn and other munchies to prepare your movie theatre at home!

This is a really good time to share some amazing moments and connect with your kiddo. He or she will also learn to appreciate cinema, which can be important later on in their career.


Yes, we know that parenting is not easy. But we have to do our best right? You always have to make that extra effort to be there for your child and listen to what they are trying to say. The ideas mentioned above will give you plenty of opportunities to do so.