How to keep your kids safe from common illnesses during the monsoon?

All of us eagerly wait for the monsoons to arrive, to breathe a sigh of relief and forget the scorching sun for a while. The kids are excited too as they can now jump over puddles, splash water on their friends and float paper boats in the water! But the amazing rains also bring some unwanted guests along with them such as malaria, viral infections, common cold and so on.

As your kids have a weaker immune system than you do, you have to be careful to keep these nasty diseases away from them. Here are some tips to keep your little ones safe during monsoon –

Common cold

The most common disease troubling kids during the monsoon is the common cold. During the monsoons, it may be pouring cats and dogs one minute, and the sun may be out in the next. This fluctuation in temperature is what causes the common cold, leading to blocked or runny noses accompanied by headaches. Moreover, as the temperature is inconsistent, you get confused about whether to dress your kid in full sleeves or not.

What to do      

The best way to keep common cold away is to strengthen your child’s immune system. Vitamin C and E will help them in this regard to fight off viral infections. So, make sure your kid’s diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A diet having oranges, lemons, broccoli, spinach along with the adequate amount of protein such as eggs, meat and fish is necessary.

Stomach infection

Kids have a habit of putting their hands, toys and other objects into their mouth. As most of these surfaces are likely to have germs and bacteria, it can get transferred into their little tummies. This can lead to stomach infections, diarrhoea and intense stomach pain. All this can weaken your kids’ immunity, leaving them tired and sick.

What to do  

The first step is to maintain cleanliness at all times. Keep your kid’s hands clean and make sure their nails are trimmed and clean too. Instruct your kids to practice a habit of using hand sanitizers. For babies, make sure their diapers are changed frequently, to avoid any kind of bacteria transmission.

Mosquito-born diseases

Heavy monsoon showers cause water to pool up in puddles. These sources of stagnant water act as the breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies. They are responsible for causing diseases such as Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya. If your kid contracts any of these diseases, he or she will suffer from high fever, body pains, vomiting and rashes.

What to do

Make sure your kids are not roaming around puddles and stagnant pools of water. Make them wear full sleeve clothes and apply mosquito repellent when they are going outside. Keep your surroundings as clean as possible and ensure that there is no water clogging inside your house. Use mosquito nets while sleeping. Burning citronella or lemongrass can keep mosquitoes and flies at bay.  

Viral fever

Another one of the troublesome diseases during the monsoons is viral fever. The germs and viruses floating around during this time are responsible for the fever. This airborne disease can be transmitted by contact as well. If your kid is sneezing repeatedly, has a sore throat and is suffering from high fever, he or she might have contracted a viral fever.

What to do

Maintaining good personal hygiene is the key to avoid viral fever. Make sure your kiddos wash their hands properly when they return home after playing. Using a hand sanitizer is a great option. Prevent them from playing in dirty puddles or any unhygienic areas. Having turmeric milk or Neem water is a fantastic way to keep the viral fever away from harming your kids.


This is a skin infection that causes rashes and irritation all over the body. Parasitic mites are the reason behind these infections. They thrive in humid regions of the body such as your kid’s armpits, scalp, skin folds and elbows. And the worst part is that it can spread from one to another through direct contact.

What to do

Keep your kids clean by bathing them with a disinfectant when they come home from the outdoors. Keep them away from people who have skin infections. Also, make them wear gumboots when they are out in the rain along with full clothes. You must also regularly sanitize the towels, bedsheets, blankets, pillows and other household items your child uses.

Prevention is the best way to keep diseases away from your children. If your kid is prone to allergies, ensure that your curtains, walls and carpets are clean and fungus-free. And always invest in high-quality raincoats and gumboots to keep your kiddos protected.