This parenting style actually works BEST for YOUR child!

Many parents naturally stumble through their child’s formative years, juggling various parenting styles with a hit-or-miss approach.
Of course, there’s no judgment here! Everyone must find what works for their family however, with Indian parents typically being more accustomed to exhibiting controlling behaviors, millennials building their own nests are now looking for more open parenting styles!
Why? Because it leads to happier, healthier, emotionally stable, and well-rounded children who perform better in school and other activities!
How can you adopt a more open parenting style? Leading psychologist believe that parents need to follow the 4 Cs of Great Parenting – Care, Consistency, Choices and Consequences!

Do not be afraid to show your child your love for him/her. Though tough-love has its place in the parenting world, it’s not exactly an approach you should follow regularly! Children who receive ample love and affection during their formative years grow into empathetic adults with healthier interpersonal relationships!

A stable environment that follows a well-established routine is the key to helping your child learn the values of disciple and self-control. In fact, it’s far more effective than just telling them that they need to be more disciplined!
Craft a schedule your child can follow so that there is a discernible structure to the day. Children felt alone to their own devices can grow into adults who have trouble with time management as they don’t really understand the concept of set hours for set tasks!

This is perhaps the most important parenting tip we have for you - give your child the autonomy of choice! Allow your child to make small decisions so that he/she can learn to think for themselves, have higher self-esteem, and greater capacity for analytical thought.

Of course, no actions come without consequences and this is a lesson you must teach your child from an early age!
Giving them all the choices and freedom in the world without showing them how their actions impact their own lives (and the lives of others) can be immensely dangerous.
Do have a system in place for both, positive and negative consequences.For instance, reward their good behavior and punish them when they misbehave(Always remember, corporeal punishment is a strict no-no).
Reinforcing behavioral traits through reward and punishments is very effective as it can help them grow into responsible adults who weigh their actions and thoughts before committing to anything!
We get it. As a parent, you’re absolutely terrified that the wrong word or action can destroy your child’s psyche for life! But, don’t doubt yourself so much. Every parent slips up from time to time!

Ultimately, maintaining an open flow of communication is the most important thing you can do to help your child feel loved, safe, and at-home. If your child cannot speak to you about his/her problems, you must re-evaluate your parenting style. Gone are the days of the ‘fear me but love me’.
Now, it’s time for parents to understand that their children are individuals in their own right too!