Tips for picking the right kids' clothing

Picking the right piece of clothing for kids is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks for every parent. From an early age, kids love to choose their own outfits and style them just the way they like it, so getting the right balance of practicality and individual choice seems rather a delicate process. And even though you may be amazed to see your child being able to select their own clothing, in the initial stages, you might want to guide him or her on how to choose the right outfit and style it accordingly. Besides, you get a chance to bond with your little one and share a fun, exciting experience in the process.

Here are some of the best tips to choose the perfect kids’ clothing –

1. Have an event in mind

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing the right attire is – what is the event and when is it taking place. You should make your decisions based on that. The event is one of the key factors behind how your kid’s clothes will turn out. You might have to make different choices depending on how formal the event is, what time of the day it is taking place, whether in the evening or in broad daylight. Also, if it is an outdoor event, then you will need to consider the possibility of the clothes becoming dirty soon, as children are likely to go around running and playing in the dust. In any case, You should not have your child overdressed or uncomfortably dressed for the event. For example – a stylish dress or gown could be the perfect attire for an evening party while a gorgeous Kurti set is a more suitable choice for a daytime cultural event. Once you are able to pick the right outfit for the right occasion, you can accessorize it accordingly.

2. Choose comfort over style

You wouldn’t want your kid’s outfit to be too itchy, tight, or see-through – they should make them feel comfortable and content under all circumstances. Therefore, you must pick comfort over style when shopping for children’s clothing. For everyday use, clothes made of cotton fabrics are soft, breathable and easy to wash. Comfortable corduroy is a great choice for kids’ rompers. You may choose a 100% cotton corduroy fabric or a blend of cotton and polyester for the outfit. If you are travelling with a toddler, you must choose an outfit that allows him or her to move around comfortably and is easy to put on and take off. For sleep time, a pair of comfortable cotton Kurta-Pyjama that makes tossing and turning in bed easier is the ideal choice. Moreover, choosing comfort over style does not mean you have to compromise on the latest fashion. You can find a range of comfortable clothing with colourful prints and motifs, unique designs and patterns that go perfectly well.

3. Invest in quality clothing

When it comes to shopping for your little ones, it is always a better idea to invest in quality clothing than pick a bundle of low-quality clothes. Cheap, low-quality clothes are often itchy and uncomfortable on the skin and may even cause rashes or blemishes. As a parent, you wouldn’t want any harm to come to your child only because you couldn’t make the right choice. They are also likely to fade in colour after a couple of washes. Therefore, be sure to buy premium clothing that comes with the perfect fitting, durable material, which your kids can count on for many years – expensive clothes are well worth the price, as long as you are not overspending.

4. Consider the colours

One of the most crucial things to bear in mind when choosing kids’ attire is picking the right colours. There are several tricks and tips to consider when figuring out what colours your child would love to wear. Not every colour will indicate that the outfit is suited for a particular event. For instance, girls around 7 or 8 years of age dressed in gentle pastel shades of Pink, Cream, and Lavender look extremely modern and chic, as these colours easily fit almost all formal occasions. For boys of the same age, shades of Black, Blue, Grey and Green go well with formal and casual outfits.

5. Select a matching fabric

The texture of the clothing can make all the difference in how the outfit looks and feels after being put on. A mixture of silk and cotton is highly recommended, as it provides the ease of movement and conforms to any situation. It might be a good idea to look up matching fabrics online to get a better sense of styling.

In case you’re stuck on detail or idea, there’s plenty of fashion tips online. However, merely looking up ideas is not enough always, particularly if you are planning to get something fashionable and chic for your child to wear. Browse the latest trends and shop for outfits and accessories that easily complement each other and will undoubtedly make your little one stand out in the crowd.