5 reasons why you should get your kids to practice yoga every day!

The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to integrate or unite’. Practising yoga is all about finding the harmony between body and mind through certain postures and breathing techniques, as well as meditation. It is becoming increasingly popular in schools and institutions due to its benefits on kids’ overall health and development.
In honour of World Yoga Day, celebrated annually on June 21 across the globe, we give you five excellent reasons to get your child to practice yoga every single day! Read on –
1. Teaches the value of patience
Kids living in today’s fast-paced world often find it difficult to hold their patience necessary to deal with certain expectations. Certain relaxation techniques in yoga teach inner fulfilment or the art of being truly satisfied with things the way they are. Practising yoga from an early age teaches kids to become more patient, as life progresses. Once they learn to be patient with themselves, it is easier for them to focus on the present without expecting immediate outcomes.
2. Helps calm the mind and body
Learning how to strike the right balance between the mind and body helps children stay calm even when things go wrong. This helps them understand that even if they fail sometimes, getting back up and trying again is always worth the effort. Like adults, kids also encounter social and emotional challenges – and practising yoga may teach them how to react to various situations positively and calmly. Through yoga, they can detach from the surrounding noise and reconnect with themselves little by little.
3. Enhances flexibility and strength
Yoga involves various muscles to work together, allowing children to become more aware of their bodies. The different postures in yoga are designed to give the joints and muscles a greater range of motion, thus improving strength and flexibility. Healthy kids are likely to be stronger and more confident. They are also seen to be less likely to develop certain breathing problems or injuries. Besides working the muscles, yoga also targets and improve the functioning ability of the inner organs. It is an incredible physical activity to improve the coordination between different body parts.
4. Helps improve the ability to concentrate and focus
Did you know kids, who practice yoga for at least an hour daily, are far better at concentrating? The deep breathing technique in yoga helps create a state of awareness in the body and keeps the mind from wandering. Kids often find it difficult to concentrate on a specific thing for a long time – it seems boring and less fun to them. However, practising yoga can help them stay focused on daily activities, like concentrating on lessons, improving a particular skill etc. This improves their attention span and enables them to grasp more.
5. Helps boost self-esteem and confidence
Yoga promotes positivity and teaches us the importance of self-care. By inculcating the habit of practising yoga in your kids, you can teach them to appreciate who they are. Once they master the basic poses through regular practice, they will become more confident. This, in turn, will help them become sure of themselves in other aspects of life as well. They will be motivated to work hard to achieve their goals in the future.
As a parent, it is hard to watch your kid step out into the real world. Therefore, the best way to guide and prepare them for the hardships of life is to provide them with a loving and nurturing environment, where they can discover their shortcomings and strengths. Yoga is a great way to teach your kids the importance of self-acceptance and enhance emotional and physical stability. Be sure to get your kids to practice yoga at least for an hour every day to build their strength and improve specific skills.