Can't spend this summer outdoors? 10 ways to have fun indoors.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, going outdoors is not a safe idea anymore. Children are stuck at home and no schools are open. These are challenging time and physical distancing is our responsibility. While we are all facing this pandemic together, a boon is disguise is that we are all getting to spend some quality time with our family. It is important to engage the children in fun indoor activities and keep them protected as well as happy. Here are various ways to have fun indoors:
Create art
Art is empowering. Kids can feel productive by doing art. It can get messy and needs supervision. You, as a parent can set up an art space with paper, colouring books, glue, scissors, paints, colour pencils and crayons and encourage your kids to make art a part of their daily routine. Provide some inspiration in the way of ideas and easy summer craft projects.
Play Board Games
Bring back the good old-fashioned board games and cards which can keep the kids busy while you get your work done. However, you can join and play with your kids and keep your child occupied this summer. Board games like Chinese checkers, chess will also help increase their concentration.
Read Books
Reading for enjoyment every day is a great habit to teach your kids. Buy comics or magazines for your kids. If your child is too young and cannot read yet, you can read books to them at bedtime. Setting aside a certain time every day for reading helps get kids in the habit. Join a summer reading program or start your own.
Keep a Journal
You can buy your kids cute and unique diaries and allow your kid to write or draw in a journal. Your kids can note everyday events. Writing in a journal will not keep a child occupied for long periods while you work, but it's a good way to start the day or end the day.
You will have ample time now to finish that jigsaw puzzle! Puzzles keep kids mentally active and take time to complete. There are puzzle apps and computer games as well, but, parents must be careful and limit electronic use. Too much screen time can be harmful to kids. Puzzle-making is a calming way to spend time together at home.
Indoor Picnic
Lay down a picnic blanket on your backyard or garden and a basket of food and eat outside as you would do on a picnic. Just having variety in your family life brings you all closer together as a family unit. Events like this help in bonding with your family.
Plant seedlings and watch your plants grow. It is rewarding, as well as educational. You can do some research and choose what type of plants you want to plant. Invest some time in gardening. It brings great joy to watch the plants develop and flowers bloom.
Movie night
Pick a movie for every weekend that your kid would enjoy. The Lion King, The Junglee Book are great movies that will teach your kids values for life. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn and snacks on hand!
Cook and bake
Have you ever watched the cooking shows on TV or YouTube? Pick out a recipe you would like to try and let your little one help you in the kitchen. You can also make your whole family participate, in one way or another. You are certain to have a lot of fun together.
Have a Karaoke Night
Plan an evening of karaoke. This is a great way to spend family time together. Singing together will fill your evening with lots of laughter and joy.
There are plenty of activities that you can organize for your children which will not only keep them from getting bored but will also help them learn and grow. Stay positive, productive and proactive!