DIY gifts for Father's Day!

Father's Day is celebrated in honour of fathers all over the world. They have an important role in our lives and their sacrifices matter a lot. They take responsibility and perform them with utmost devotion. We adore our fathers and this is a day solely dedicated to appreciating everything they do and an opportunity to express our love for them.
Owing to the pandemic, we are all stuck at home and celebrating outside is not possible. But you can still arrange an exciting surprise by making DIY gifts for fathers. It is important to pamper him and thank him for being a friend, confidant and guide. We have shortlisted some simple DIY gifts for Father’s Day:
1. Handprint Father's Day Cards
If your kid is an infant and cannot write yet, take his or her handprint on a paper and make a card for Father’s Day. Nothing will make a father happier than receiving something made by his own kid.
2. Father's Day Book
A specially curated book where you paste all the sweet photographs of the father and the child or the family will bring back so many memories. You can cherish it together and even write a heartfelt message for the father.
3. Frames for life
Talking about photographs, you can put them up on a wall in the house if you frame a few memorable pictures of your child and his or her father. Make sure these display his favourite photos and are in a place easy to spot!
4. Movie Night
Watching a movie together is the best way to spend Father’s Day indoors. If your dad does not like movies, you can turn it into a game night. Get cosy, make some popcorn and enjoy!
5. Bake a cake!
This Father’s Day, you and your child can whip up some delight and bake his favourite cake or cupcakes. This will definitely melt his heart.
The love you have for your dad is priceless. A handmade gift holds a very special place and is the most genuine effort to make him happy. Some fathers like gardening, you can encourage his interest and even plant a tree together. Most importantly, don’t forget to spend some quality time with your father. He may have a stern nature but he is an inspiration for his child. A family is incomplete without a father. Take this day and every day to express your gratitude and put a smile on his face.
Here’s wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!