Going on a vacation? What are the essentials you should pack for your baby?

Travelling with a baby involves a lot of hassles. You may have to face some unique challenges unlike travelling alone and independently. It is necessary to make a list and take care of every little thing. To ensure the comfort of your little one, here’s a checklist of things you need that will make your trip easy and enjoyable for the whole family.
1. Diapers
Diapers have to be the most important and must-have item on your list. Make sure you carry one for each hour that you would be travelling and always have a few more as a contingency plan.
2. Changing Station
Trying to change your baby’s diaper on the way while travelling can be a tricky task. A small foldable changing station can provide you with ease to dispose the dirty one and replace it with a new one. It will also keep the baby clean and prevent the situation from getting messy.
3. Blankets
Blankets are useful for multiple purposes, from laying your baby down, to using them as a comforter, to cover your baby or even the window in case of strong sunlight. Keep them handy.
4. Disposable Bags
Used diapers, dirty clothes, burped hankies need a common place to be in without mixing with the clean stuff. You may not always have a bin to dispose them, so carry and use bags for those.
5. Baby Wipes
You can never have enough of these for every foreseeable scenario that you can think of. Keeping things hygienic and clean should always be a priority.
6. Nightlight
You as well as your baby will understand the importance of a nightlight during travelling. A small torch or nightlight helps you change their diapers without disturbing anyone else.
7. First Aid Kit
Carry lotions, creams, pain relievers and small ointments in case your baby hurts itself during the journey. It is also advisable to carry general purpose medicines for your baby.
8. Front Sling
While travelling, carrying your baby constantly can be very tiring. The best way to carry your baby is by using a sling. It keeps your baby close to you and safe while leaving you free to move around with your luggage.
9. Bottled Milk
Either formula or breast milk, it’s best to carry a spare bottle with you, in case your baby gets hungry at odd times and more frequently, or if you are in a situation where you cannot breastfeed your baby comfortably.
10. Hats
While travelling outside, the sun can easily get strong for your baby. Use a nice, cute hat for them, to keep the sunlight away from the face.
11. Toys
It is easy for your baby to get bored quickly. Carry their favourite toy or rattle to keep them engaged. You can also carry your baby’s favourite book and read to comfort him or her.
12. Thermometer
In case your baby falls ill during the journey, taking their temperature is necessary. You can have a quick word with the doctor can help you take action right away.
13. Disinfectant
While travelling you may not have access to water always so carrying a sanitizer to quickly clean your hands and the baby, is a must. You will have to carry a disinfectant to avoid any kind of infection.
14. Pacifier
Your baby needs a pacifier to give you a silent night of sleep, too. While it’s easy to forget the smallest of thing, you should first put a pacifier in your handbag.
Travelling is a new experience for the baby as well as you because you are used to travel freely without a baby. To best enjoy the vacation you will have to make sure that your baby is comfortable. By keeping a few things in mind and taking care of hygiene at all times, you and your baby can have a wonderful trip and make memories of a lifetime.