The importance of taking care of yourself as a new mom

As your baby arrives, it is easy to give all your energy and attention to your baby. You have to remember that caring for yourself will ensure the well-being of your child. It is important to take time to exercise, relax and let your body recover. The postpartum period involves changes both emotionally and physically. You don’t have to be perfect. You are taking up a new role and this is a learning process for you. Plenty of rest and proper nutrition is the key to rebuild your strength during this time.
Every new parent learns that their babies have different time clocks than adults which mean the baby’s feeding and sleeping times will mess up your clock. Take ample rest; sleep whenever you get time and don’t feel guilty for excusing yourself for a nap or to feed your baby.
Your body has undergone some major changes. In order to recover at the earliest you need to opt for a healthy and balanced diet. No matter how busy your baby keeps you, take some time to plan your regular meals. You must include:
• Grains such as wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley are important source of nutrition. Whole-wheat bread is rich in folic acid, a nutrient your baby needs in the first few months.
• Vegetables legumes (peas and beans) and starchy vegetables are full of vitamin, calcium and iron. Green vegetables are useful antioxidants and low in calorie.
• Fresh fruits contain vitamins, minerals and are a must in your diet. They also have fiber, which helps prevent constipation.
• Dairy products that are fat-free or low-fat, as well as rich in calcium will help develop your baby’s bones if you are breastfeeding.
• Protein from fish, nuts, seeds, peas, and beans are also essential for your faster recovery.
Drink more fluids if you are breastfeeding. Staying hydrated is the key to staying fit.
It helps burn calories and tone muscles and limbs. While exercises can help you stay active, don’t push yourself too much. Extreme workouts and rapid weight loss can affect your baby if you are breastfeeding. Regular exercise will also help you get adequate sleep at night. Go easy on yourself and value your needs.
Pamper yourself
All this time you made your baby a priority and it is understandable. After giving birth, take a much needed break and pamper yourself. A massage, spa or pedicure will make you feel good about yourself and your happiness is equally important. Go to the salon and get a makeover that you always wanted.
Get support
You need a strong support system at this point. Friends and family willing to take care of things like laundry, grocery and cleaning will be a great help. It is completely okay to ask for their help while you take some time to bond with the baby.
Step out
You have been through a lot and remained stuck at home for a long time now. Stepping out, meeting people and staying connected with the world outside is extremely important for your mental health. Go for a walk regularly, it will boost your energy levels and keep your mind clear.
Above all, don’t stop being yourself. Dedicate time to your interests, read a book, indulge in gardening, plan a date with your partner and pursue your dreams.
Motherhood is not easy and you may experience a fair share of exhaustion and frustration. You will have to juggle many things, overcome challenges and remain patient. Self-care is a priority and you must practice it to find a balance between joy and motherhood.